When Melody was in fifth grade she go a new electric wheelchair. Melody compares her new chair like a Mercedes and her old one like askateboard. Melody is in an inclusion classroom she thought it would be funny because i've never been included in any activity i think they should give me a chance to partic
The author Sharon Draper does not want us to feel sorry for Melody. After the first 8 chapters. I do not feel sorry for her because she has a mom and dad who love and take good care of her. She has a new dog that understans
The first two chapters of this book have me thinking of my cousin Buboy.  As Melody has a disability called Cerebral Palsy, my cousin has a disability as well.  I am not sure the name of his disability but he has many of the same problems as Melody.  For example, my cousin cannot talk, and has a wheel chair just like Melody.  When I was reading these chapters I felt sad for Melody and it made me think of my cousin.  I am excited to read the next chapters as I know about my cousins life and I want to see if it is like Melody's.